For server/network issues, please see our Status page

Jul 15th New OpenVZ Bandwidth Graph

We've now added a new Bandwidth Graph page for a lot of our New OpenVZ plans, simply login to our client area and go to your Product's Details page, and click the "Additional Info/BW Graph" tab menu and look under "FOR VPS"

Mar 27th New KVM/OpenVZ Web Panel Updates

We found some issues with the new kvm/openvz web panel, like all Addons will get removed after reinstall. We have now updated it, so please do contact us if you see any other issues. We can then have our developers look into it and provide a fix ASAP.

Feb 27th Free Servers Monitoring

We've added a New Free Servers Monitoring, upto 5 servers at 10 min intervals. Order Now

Dec 30th New Client Area

We've now published a new design to our client area system. We had some issues with some modules earlier but all is good now. If any issues, please make sure to clear up all your web browser's caches.

Sep 7th ManageMedia ISO for New KVM

The "ManageMedia (ISO)" button in New KVM web panel should work now, you can now add any available ISOs to fresh install your OS.

May 31st New OpenVZ Template

We've added a new Turnkey OpenVPN template based on Debian 8. More info

Also added a Turnkey Wordpress 4.4.2 based on Debian 8 64-bit template. And a Turnkey LAMP on debian 8 64-bit.

Mar 10th New Windows Templates

We've added some new windows 32-bit templates for our New KVM SSD-Cached plans. More info

- Windows 2003 R2 Ent 32-bit EN Virtio
- Windows 2003 R2 Ent 32-bit CN Virtio
- Windows 8 32-bit EN Virtio

Mar 9th New OpenVZ Packet Loss

We've found some new openvz accounts resported some ICMP packet loss from time to time, and we had a chance to test 1 account yesterday and we found out that it was because it was out of buffer space.If the vps is not out of resources, make sure you have continuous traffic flow in/out of the vps. Some networking might go to sleep, if you do ... Read More »

Feb 27th Fixes on New OpenVZ/New KVM Web Panel

1. Manage Media should now work (for KVM) so you can select/change ISO you want and change boot order
2. Bandwidth should now reset every 1st of the month

Feb 26th Addons issue update

We've been getting reports of ongoing issue with the Addons not geeting processed after a reinstall, especially on the Disk Space, so with our developers, we've just made another update to our web panel system for New OpenVZ/New KVM so addons should now get updated, even after a reinstall. If not or if still problems, please do contact ... Read More »